Compost Tea

Liquid Humus (Extracted Humus Compost Tea)

Penn Valley Liquid Humus is based on the Aeromaster Compost Tea extraction process which extracts the humus and valuable microbial and non-microbial contents from high quality humus compost and places it into a water suspension.

An activator and microbial food source is added to the extracted tea just prior to field application which stimulates the microbial population and starts rapid microbial reproduction in the field. With the extraction process, the rapid microbial reproduction takes place on the leaves of the plant and in the soil.

These natural environments allow all of the extracted microbe species to rapidly reproduce, supported by humus. When extracted compost tea is used, most growers are amazed by the actual results that they experience.

The key igniting a world of opportunity!

  1. Reduce Input Costs!
  2. Less Application of Synthetic Fertilizers!
  3. Puts Plant in Charge
  4. Larger Root Mass
  5. Improved Photosynthesis
  6. Microbial Diversity and Inumeration
  7. Healthier Cells = Healthier Plants
  8. Plant Health and Quality!

Extracted, Not Brewed!

Extracting Humus Compost Tea versus Brewing Tea

  • Contains three times the natural enzymes, organic matter, and microorganisms
  • Microbial population encouraged to remain dormant
  • The calm water environment preserves the microbial diversity profile of the compost
  • The microbes are not given food sources until just prior to application greatly extending shelf-life
  • Expands its properties in the soil because of the humus base!

Benefits of Liquid Humus

  • Results - Life in the soil!
  • Results - Healthier Plants!
  • Results - More Roots!
  • Results - Solid Stems Not Hollow Stems!
  • Increased tonnage per acre
  • Increased feed value per ton
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