Raised Garden Soil

Penn Valley Garden Soil

Penn Valley Garden Soil is the ultimate growing environment for more productive and better vegetable gardening. Designed for raised gardens, square foot gardening, and container gardening, our raised garden soil provides all the nutrients your plants need to thrive.

We start with a 7+ ingredient aerobically produced and microbially inoculated Humus Compost which we then combine with crushed volcanic minerals to provide trace nutrients. This mix is blended with peat, coir, and other ingredients to create an optimal growing environment for root growth, beneficial microbial life, moisture management, and maximum nutrient availabiltiy to plants.

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What's in it?
Aeromaster Humus, Vermiculite, Peat, Coconut Coir, Conditioned Pine Bark Fines, Pulverized Volcanic Rock Minerals, Crab Shell, BioChar, Mycorrhizal Fungi
These ingredients promote ideal moisture management and an aerobic growing space that supports beneficial microbial life and mycorrhizal fungi for optimal plant health.
How much do I need?
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