Nature's Trophy Blend
Food Plot Soil Amendment
Food Plot Soil Amendment

Even the best wildlife food plot seeds will not perform to their full potential without the best possible soil. Food plot forage plants work as nutrient transfer agents of what's in your soil.

The difference between rich, fertile soil and poor infertile soil is essentially the mineral composition of your soil. The flavor and nutrition in food plots are based on soil minerals available, not the amount of NPK you apply on your food plot. Nature's Trophy Blend has what it takes to create sweetness, flavor and nutrition in food plots. Without Nature's Trophy Blend, you may achieve high production, but you will not achieve the highest quality!

Nature's Trophy Blend will help build and maintain the most fertile soil for growing nutritious forage. The end results will be bigger racks and healthier deer herd on your property! Food Plots are like about anything else in this life - only on rare occasions will you get more out of it than what you put into it.

How is Nature's Trophy Blend different from chemical fertilizers?

Most chemical fertilizers only force your food plot plants to grow and turn green, but do little to help build up your soil. Nature's Trophy Blend is a specialty organic blend designed especially for food plots to help build up your soil for the long term success of your food plots. This blend will help raise PH levels, loosen your soil, improve soil structure by reducing erosion which keeps nutrients from leaching away, therefore allowing valuable nutrients and trace minerals be tranferred to the plants and helping your food plots become more attractive to wildlife!

Longer Lasting

Trophy Blend will perform in your food plot soil for the entire year! Trophy Blend will also save you time, fuel, and money on your food plot. Only in extreme conditions of pH levels lower than 5.5 do we recommend additional lime application. This will save you an extra trip out to your hunting grounds! One application pass per year is a great time saving benefit!

Drought Tolerance

Nature's Trophy Blend has an important ingredient called humus. What is humus? Organic matter is broken down and rebuilt into stable living humus through an advanced composting system.

Humus can hold 4 times its weight in moisture! This will help your food plot survive the dry summer months. Humus will also help build up your food plots CEC (cation exchange capacity) so that nutrients in your soil are exchanged to the plants.

Disease Resistance

Disease resistance is very important issue for deer farmers, land managers and hunters! With recent outbreaks of CWD and other diseases in more and more states. It is important that we ensure that we do all we can to keep our deer herds healthy!

Trophy Blend has the ingredients to keep your soil balanced and in good healthy condition. Soil could be compared with a human body, when in balance its immune system can fight off harmful bacteria and diseases.

  • ½ Ton Tote covers up to 1 acre
  • 1 Ton Tote covers up to 2 acres

For best results, apply ½ to 1 ton per acre and till into the soil approximately 2 weeks prior to seeding.


Apply ½ - 1 ton per acre. Avoid top dressing during dry summer months.

Suggested application rate may vary depending on soil sample analysis. Annual soil analysis is highly recommended.

  • Improve Drought Tolerance
  • More Nutritious Food Plots
  • Better Disease Resistance
  • Larger, Healthier Deer
  • More Trophy Bucks
  • Better Quality Hunting Experience
Warning: Application of Nature's Trophy Blend may cause slight over browsing of your food plot and large buck may feed in broad daylight
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