Custom Blending

Improve the effectiveness of minerals & fertilizer and reduce input costs with custom humus blends.

We provide custom Humus compost and mineral blending according to your soil's needs. Pre-blending minerals and fertilizers with Aeromaster Humus Compost enhances the effectiveness of your minerals and fertilizer, and typically reduces the tonnage and costs of your crop inputs.

Why does it make a difference?

First, the strong magnetic attraction of minerals to Aeromaster Humus keeps them from leeching away, meaning you can apply less minerals or fertilizer - saving you money on inputs.

Secondly, pre-blending minerals with Humus before application keeps the minerals from reacting with each other to tie-up and become unavailable to plants. This further reduces the amount of fertilizer or minerals you need to apply, saving you even more money!

The third benefit of preblending minerals to Humus (which may be the most important) is the benefit of carbon-buffering. Nutrients bound to carbon become a more balanced "slow-release" nutrient supply by keeping all of the nutrients available to plants and microbiology, but holding them until the plant calls for more. This means your plant has better access to ALL the nutrients it needs throught the growing season, resulting in better growth and healthier yields.

What about compost or raw manure?

We have discovered that pre-blending raw manure with Aeromaster Humus works to significanltly improve the structure, nutrient stability, and biological health of your soil. Blending as little as 100 lbs of Aeromaster Humus per ton of raw manure can sustantially improve the value of the nutrients in the manure, and benefit soil health.

Contact us to learn more about custom blending for your field and crop inputs.

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